Hi Friends!

Winter time means the time time for me to knit and crochet! I love knitting and crocheting so much.. I wish we had longer winter here! I would go crazy if I even imagine working with wool in the summer here!

Anyways this time I finished a crochet project from last year.. a scarf for myself.. (will post that in a few days).. and this bright orange lace scarf!


This is my first almost successful lace knitting! I am so excited that it turned out way better that any of my previous attempts at knitting lace! I know it is not perfect but not that bad either! :D

I followed this awesome pattern over HERE. I started with 41 stitches instead of 61 and the scarf turned out to be 65*8 inches.


I had to make 2 separate pieces and then stitch them together using Kitchener stitch. It was my first try  and it came out decent enough!



After this, I finally feel ready to move on to more complicated projects than scarves! :D

I hope you have liked the pattern <3

Please let me know in the comment section below. :)



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